Hope is the greatest gift you can give anyone in the midst of adversity and transition.

D.A.G Speaks

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Meet the Founder of Defy the Odds, David A. Gethers, and learn about his journey and how his life changed.


From elementary schools to seminars to high schools and beyond. Defy the Odds continues to inspire the youth.


We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race.

In 2013 after being released 15 years early from what was supposed to be a 30 year prison sentence, David got out of prison with a high school diploma and a plan to transform his life. He did just that!

WeakDay Remedies is David's first book; an interactive journal delivering transformational messages of empowerment, encouragement and hope to diverse audiences.


Learn more about workshops offered by Defy the Odds, that encourage, inspire and uplift your community and inquire about customizing a workshop fr your students, your colleagues and/or workshop attendees.

You are not the labels society places upon you. YOU are the PERSON you choose to be. 


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Lets get personal! Meet David A. Gethers and catch some behind the scenes of Defy the Odds in ACTION!