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David A. Gethers is Founder & CEO of David A. Gethers SPEAKS, LLC; and the author of WeakDay Remedies: A Transformational Journal. His signature programs are, “Defy the Odds Mentoring Program and WeakDay Remedies: A Cognitive Behavior Journaling Workshop. David’s work has impacted and transformed the life of Justice Impacted Citizens, veterans and student athletes  across the U.S.

David delivers transformational messages of empowerment, encouragement and hope to diverse audiences with workshops on Decision Making, Dealing with Adversity, and Intentional SuccessDavid leaves his audience with his exceptional charge: live with impact, live with intention, live with integrity.

In 2013 after being released 15 years early from what was supposed to be a 30-year prison sentence, David got out of prison with a high school diploma, a plan, a purpose and a promise to transform his life. He did just that!

He began his college career in 2014 at Governor State University. He would go on to become the Vice-President of the Student Senate, implementing changes and transformation, and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication in 2016. David also, earned his Master’s degree with a focus in Leadership and Urban Ministry, from Olivet Nazarene University in 2019.

Today, David uses his story of TRAGEDYTRANSFORMATION, and TRIUMPH to empower, encourage and enrich diverse audiences across various platforms. He speaks about Life Transformation, Leadership, Cultural Relevancy, Decision Making, Overcoming Adversity, and more.

25 Years Ago I Made A Horrible Decision

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