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Weakday Remedies

Cognitive Behavior Journaling

This workshop is designed to take a cognitive look at how thoughts impact our attitude, beliefs, and choices.

Defy The Odds

Defy The Odds is designed to help youth and young adults discover their “WHY” and obtain the tools they need to show up as their best selves. In spite, life’s adversities, barriers, and challenges.

Defy The Odds
Entrepreneurs Series

This workshop is designed to help future or current business owners cognitively transition and prepare for business success. 

Decision Making

The ability to make a solid and effective decision is vital to any success in life. Whether big or small, decision-making happens every second of the day. In this workshop, through David’s formula B.I.O, individuals are equipped with innovative strategies needed to make effective and sound decisions that will help them excel in life.

Transformation is Possible

Transformation is just a step away! This workshop helps individuals discover and create a blueprint to achieve their dreams, realize who they are designed to be and unlock their unlimited potential, and ignite and fuel their purpose and passion.

Winning the Transition Battle

This workshop is designed with veterans in mind. Veterans face many adversities, barriers, and challenges during the transition phase of life. These challenges effects them mentally, physically and financially. This work shop addresses those challenges.


In addition to these workshops and more, David also create workshops and content to satisfy individual clients, companies, organizations, and colleges.